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You might have seen car lifts being used at automotive workshops, have you seen car lifts being used at home? If not, maybe it is an area you can explore as a business opportunity.

Consider Carlift.ca, a company that provides a solution to small garages and car porches. Carlift.ca came up with an innovative idea to use a hydraulic lift to create more parking space. The technology isn’t complicated. A small electric motor operates a hydraulic pump that moves the hoist up and down.

Look around your neighborhood. If the houses has small car porches and garages, this may just be something that may work.

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  1. moreincome Says:

    This looks like a cool idea. Places like Bangsar where the house porches are empty and cars parked all over the roadsides may be a place to install lifts like this.

    The house owner might be able to make some tidy part time income renting out his car porch to monthly season parkers.

    No idea of the ROI though.

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