Bamboo Bike

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Nothing surprises me more. With the improvement of technologies, more and more materials can be used to build better things more efficiently and more importantly, more environmental friendly.

Consider Calfee Design, builder of carbon fiber bike frames since 1988. Their durable frames have been used in world class competitions like the Hawaii Ironman and the Tour de France and the Olympics and some very famous athletes have raced on their bikes.

Calfee Design has came up with a unique material that can be used to make bike frames. Guess what! The material is none other than Bamboo. Some of the added benefits using Bamboo is better vibration damping that results in performance advantage on longer rides.The bike frame is made from Bamboo that has been smoked and heat treated to prevent splitting. Now, that’s what I call real innovation.

We have many avid bikers in Asia. This maybe something that might just interest them.

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