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With all the retrenchments taking place, many people are left jobless. Most are frantically searching jobs everywhere  and employers are more keen to look for part time contract staff to avoid having to incur fixed cost. Therefore, it has never been a better time for recruitment service agencies to focus on finding part time jobs.

Consider  This Malaysian based company offers an efficient and cost effective part time recruitment medium to help establish contacts between job seekers and employers . Employers register their account with and they will get to manage their part timer database effectively through the system. Employers could interact directly with part time job seekers by using the features and application in the system.

A great way to overcome certain difficulties during this troubled times and make job searching easier.

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  1. Smart Business Ideas Says:

    It’s true, in times like this, any form of income or additional income would help. Thanks for sharing this resource.

  2. Ira Lichtenstein Says:

    Thanks for posting the website. I just checked it out.

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