Toilet Concept Restaurant

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What can I say, if you every been to T-Bowl restaurant in Queensbay Mall,  Penang, you will not need any appetite suppressant. And you know why? This concept restaurant has something got to do with lots of toilet bowls. Can you imagine yourself eating chocolate ice-cream out of a bowl that shapes like a toilet bowl? Well, apparently the restaurant is attracting lots of patrons that are looking for something more unique.

Typical restaurant chairs are replaced with actual toilet bowls. Some of the food on the menu are made in such a way that it actually looks like real human excreta. Once again, this proves that the human mind can be so creative.

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2 Responses to “Toilet Concept Restaurant”

  1. Matt Kennedy Says:

    I was with it until you mentioned food that looks like crap. The toilet thing is kind of funny. I don’t think food should ever look like something that comes out the other end.

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