Door-to-Door Luggage Delivery Services

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As a frequent business traveler, one of the biggest headache and inconvenience is to have to do packing constantly and carrying luggage everywhere. Entrepreneurs who are quick to see this problem as a business opportunity have started companies to help air travelers avoid the hassles of waits at baggage carousels, searches by security personnel and risk of lost luggage.

Consider FlyLite. The company not only picks up and delivers a member’s bag, but also packs it, dry cleans the contents and keeps everything in storage until the customer’s next flight. Customers receive a suitcase from FlyLite, which they pack with their favorite traveling gear. FlyLite then collects the bag and stores the contents. Customers are able to view the items online allowing users to browse through their wardrobe and select what they’ll need for their next trip. Upon arival, FlyLite delivers right to the customers’ door step. So, whether it is Machu Picchu travel or local travels, FlyLite can take care of your needs. What a cool idea!


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