Eco Furnitures

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Sustainable living is the way that every consumer should be taking more responsibility. The choice they make when they purchase a product will determine and redefine market opportunities. With the growing concern of increasing rate of deforestation, soon, there will be no more trees left standing. Imagine everywhere you turn your head, you see miles and miles of barren lands.

Furniture makers should start thinking proactively on how they could help to safe the planet. Choices they make when selecting raw materials will have a huge impact on changing the mindset of the suppliers. If strategically done, furniture makers could carve themselves a nice niche market that appeals to eco-driven consumer. Take for example They supply eco furniture ranging from patio furniture and patio furniture covers, that are made from reclaimed, sustainable plantation grown teak and recycled resources. They choose manufacturing process that produces minimal impact to eco system.

This is what I call green innovatioon.

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