Author: Alex  |  Category: Services, Wierd

It was a while ago I blogged about Smash Shack where customers can actually pay to break things up. Well, that’s another place where you can do so and its called Smash-N-Shatter.

Smash-N-Shatter offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity for customers to throw plates, glass and other breakables in a ‘shatter room’ or hit a baseball bat against a wall in the ‘smash room.’ The idea was conceptualized by former software engineer, Paul Brown. 

With so many people facing layoffs and financial challenges, people are looking for ways distress and what is a better way than to provide a safe environment for people do so.

You can come up with many variations for this idea. You can even partner up with junkyards where you can offer people to beat up other people’s unwanted cars. You don’t have to worry about your own car insurance


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