Meat-Free Fast Food

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This may not be a fresh idea but something worth bringing back. How about a fast food chain that serves only vegetarian food that have the taste, texture and look of meats?

Introducing Zen Burger. They are  revolutionizing the fast food world with natural, wholesome vegetarian foods. They specialize in meatless comfort foods that mimic those sold in traditional fast-food environments, such as the ZenSausage breakfast sandwich, ZenBeef burgers, crispy ZenChicken sandwich, etc. Also available at Zen Burger are organic soups and chili, organic salads and green tea milk shakes.

This is a great way of maintaining a healthy life style. So do diet pills work? Yes, they do but are there better ways to lose weight? The answer is a resounding “Yes” so why not choose to eat your way to a healthier life style.

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