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The number of senior citizens around the world is undeniably huge. Just the sheer size of the market will give your the economies of scale to help propel you to “Richie Rich” land in no time if you are able to offer something that is truly unique. Many companies out there are aware of this opportunity and little wonder why companies are creating new business ideas to target this group.

Take for instance HOJO. It is a brand-new health and wellness store that has set its focus squarely on seniors. The store offers a holistic variety of about 400 lifestyle products dedicated to keeping senior citizens happy, healthy and independent for as long as possible. HOJO groups its products into categories including wellness and health, daily living, leisure and comfort, communication and security, etc.

Imagine the limitless products and services that you can offer to the senior citizens including supplying HGH supplements and nursing services. There is more than one way to generate money.

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