Eco Maids

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Household helpers are not new to us. Dozens if not hundreds of companies are offering maid services either for short and long term. In this kind of competitive environment, how does one company get themselves out from the deadly red ocean into calm blue ocean. The only way is to differentiate yourself from your competitors and make them irrelevant.

Consider EcoMaids. This company offers environmentally safe green cleaning for homes or businesses. For countries such as the US where LEED standard have been adopted by many companies, LEED certified cleaning services have been a relatively new thing.

EcoMaids uses only non-toxic, chemical-free, all-natural and biodegradable products are used for cleaning without introducing harmful toxins into homes and the environment. Don’t worry, they won’t harm your XBox. Equipment and supplies are even reusable and recyclable.

I can imagine this kind of service being in demand in other parts of the world.

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