Pay to Break

Author: Alex  |  Category: Wierd

Not too long ago I blogged about Sarah’s Smash Shack, which was conceived to relieve people who are stressed-out by allowing customers to break stuff in a safe environment. The shack has actually helped quite a few customers to vent their frustrations out thus releasing tension. The only think wrong with this idea is that the act of smashing up items can be wasteful.

My idea is a slight modification of the Smash Shack. Everywhere you go, you will see houses undergoing renovation. Where there is renovation going on, there is bound to have something that needs to be hacked or removed e.g. kitchen cabinets, brick walls and sanitary wares. Why not partner up with a contractor to allow customers to go in to smash things up for free? From the way I look at it, its a win-win situation. The contractor can get things done quicker and the customers get to relieve their stress. Make sure you don’t do this to a new home or else your home insurance will not cover for the damages.


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