Vending Machine with Organic Food

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One of the main causes of obesity in my opinion is the accessibility to a variety of unhealthy and fattening food. Healthy snack can be some difficult to find in places. Even vending machine are stuffed with junk food and carbonated drinks with high level of sugar content. No wonder people put on weight and guess what, dietitian and drug companies that claims to offer the best diet pills makes tons of money to get people in shape. Although these methods can help reduce weight, they are symptomatic relief and not fundamental solutions. The only way to get in good shape is to control the input, which is the amount and type of food.

Lo Fresco, a company that responded to the call for healthier food by supplying vending machines filled with organic produce. Their emphasis is on solid nutritional value such as nuts, prepared fruit, ready meals and Spanish specialty, gazpacho soup.

I wish more companies can go into this direct especially those who are already in the organic food industry.

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