Dream Jobs

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Well… are you sick of your jobs? Don’t know what to do after you graduated? Still at a cross road deciding which career direction to choose? Why not take up something called “Vocation Vacation”?

Vocation Vacations’ founder Brian Kurth realized that many people out there are doing things that they don’t enjoy so he came up with the idea of making it possible for others to test the waters without having to quit their jobs. Customers use the ‘Dream Job Finder’ to pick a job they did like to try out. They’re matched with a mentor in the field, depending on their location and schedule. ‘They can choose to become apprentices to expert in a variety of industries such as fashion, construction, photographers, etc.

Whether the plan is to jump-start a new career, pursue your passions or just enjoy a new adventure, the point is to let participants experience the reality of their dream job. You might just end up in a place where you always dreamed off. For me is working in a cancun hotel as a life guard.

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