Virtual Weight Loss

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Obesity is a growing concern that must be addressed quickly before it becomes epidemic. Pharmaceutical companies are quick to react to this situation by coming up with wonder drugs. A quick survey on alli review will share with you what are the benefits and risks of such drugs. Now, weight losing program has gone one step further by going into the realm of online gaming.

Introducing the Weight Watchers, a program that is designed precisely like a role-playing dungeon crawler. When users first log in to Weight Watchers, it determines how much food you’ll be allowed to eat that day, expressed as a number of “points.” Each time the user eats a piece of food, he or she enters it into the online database, and it calculates how many points they have used. The idea is to encourage users to eat according to how their characters consume food online. In no time, they will start losing weight quickly. Genius!

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