Healthy Meals Delivery Service

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Food delivery service is not something new especially in cities where most husbands and wives do not actually have time to cook at home. Although eating out is an option, sometimes families still prefer to eat within the comfort of their homes. So what can these service providers do to differentiate themselves?

Introducing Calorie Care, which delivers healthy food to a customer’s door. Calorie Care is India’s first calorie-counted meal delivery service. Their aims it is to make it easy, convenient and fun for Mumbaikars to eat healthy food. To provide the right kind of food, Calorie Care nutritionist spends an hour with a client to understand his or her health needs and taste preferences. The nutritionist team then designs a personalised food plan that caters to these needs and preferences.

A great twist to a traditional business. This will even help those who wants to know how to lose weight fast.

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