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Home renovation and interior decorations is something that most household owners will do. Either a new coat of paint, a new set of wardrobes or timber flooring will certainly make a room feel different and better. However, often there is one home appliance that usually stick out like a sore thumb after you have done a lot to beautify a home. It is none other that our lovely air conditioning system.

┬áMost air conditioning system comes in horrifying design that doesn’t really go well with the colour of the wall, or with your decorations. With this problems comes a business opportunity and LG, a Korean company capitalized on this situation. Each LG air conditioner has been designed with the latest technologies to ensure optimum comfort. Advancements in inverter technology mean our air conditioners are becoming more efficient and our unique Neo Plasma filtering system means the air you breathe is fresher. They realize that air conditioners are not just about technology. The air conditioner is a fixture in the home and its appearance is just as important as a piece of furniture. Hence, they came up with ARTCOOL.

Do check it out if you are looking for nice looking air conditioning systems and always remember to clean your AC filters.

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