Folding Bikes

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To all cycling lovers out there, ever wished that there was a bike that is easily transported or carried around when you can’t actually cycle. Well, let me introduce you to Eco 7 Folding Bike, a revolutionary concept design by Victor Aleman in Mexico. The Eco 7 is designed to be taken on planes and other transportation where space is a significant problem.

The bike is designed in such a way that every part of the bike is collapsible, including the main frame, the handle bars, crank, brakes, wheels and chain. You must be wondering how the wheels can be folded. Well, they are actually made from a total of 6 modules where the spokes fold into the rim of the wheel. Once you have reached your destination, users can easily unfold their bikes.

I wonder when bikes can be folded into the size of shrink tube terminals or capsules just like in the movie “Dragon Ball”.

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