Dog Tracker

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For dog lovers our there, now you can use GPS technology to ensure that you can track down your dogs easily. Precious prized dogs are usually prime targets for “dognappers”. If there is a way to easily tracked down your dog just like how some GPS system that helps to prevent car thefts, wouldn’t you go for it?

Introducing SpotLight, a new solution that uses GPS to help pet owners keep tabs on their little wanderers wherever they go. The SpotLight GPS Pet Locator also provides 24/7 animal-recovery service to assist owners to recover their pets.  Any time a dog ventures outside the programmed areas, an alert is sent to the owner via text message and/or email. It comes complete with a “rescue” button on the device to trigger the owner.

Come to think of it, parents can even put this collar on their child’s neck especially those who avoids the exam table.

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