Designer Handphone for Ferrari Lovers

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Quite a while ago, I blogged about Porche creating their own line of kitchen cabinets targeting at man. How about designer hand phones that are designed by Ferrari designers.

Pininfarina, the company behind Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa cars, famous for its sleek and sexy sports car designs has been enlisted by Motorola to create dozens of mobile phones. Due to the lucrativeness of the mobile phone industries, companies are seeking ways to differentiate themselves to capture a bigger slice of the market share. According to Pininfarina, they would assign ten of its top-class designers to the project, to try to give the same allure to Motorola phones as they did with the sport cars.

I wonder whether they are going to use any of the Ferrari parts in their hand phones.

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  1. Gustabo Norambuena Diaz Says:

    hagan autos mejores putos kuliados cocha de su mare xauuu mierdas me tanse su auto en la raja

    con cariños
    a tu hermana

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