Medicine Vending Machines

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Well… I must say the guy who came up with this is a genius. InstyMeds, a US startup, has devised a great way to dispense prescription drugs easier and cheaper. With the shortage of doctors and pharmacists in the country, this machine will help improve efficiency and lower costs.

The vending machines are designed to be placed in doctors’ offices, clinics, emergency rooms and other healthcare facilities. Each machine can hold medications that can range from pills to drops to creams and so forth.  All the patient needs to do is relatively simple. They enter their prescription number and birthday via a user-friendly touchscreen monitor. They can make payments either by cash or credit cards to cover the bill. For those who are covered by their companies, the bill will send directly to their companies.

Come to think of it, this machine could also be used to dispense non-prescription drugs for example Medicare supplement.

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    So what happens to pharmacists?

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