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One of God’s greatest gift is the gift of water, without which no living things can thrive. So, wouldn’t it be silly if we were to waste such wonderful gift even though at the present moment we have plenty. Just imagine certain continents are so dried up that they wish they have som water, even greywater.

Personally, I am really into things that can help reduce wastage. Let me introduce you to Efergy’ Shower Timer. This green plastic gadget tells you how much water you’re using in the shower and warn you with an alarm for those who want to set limits. You’ll  end up conserving water and save money.

So to all of you out there, start saving water or else every Friday will be a Black Friday. For entrepreneurs, add this into your list of 2010 business opportunities.

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  1. Clement Didimalang Says:

    What an excellent idea / gardget. Could you tell me how to get it? Please send details / or quotation to my e-mail or Clement Didimalang, Private Bag T01, Tlokweng, Gaborone, Botswana.

    Thank you.

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