Cast Art

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Not too sure how may of you out there who actually has broken a bone in the past and end up with a plaster cast on your legs or your hands for days, weeks or maybe even months. Imagine having gone through a great deal of pain only to end up going through a great deal of shame. However, what if we can turn the ugly cast into a fashion statement.

Well, Casttoo, a Colorado firm did just that by transforming these plain casts into graphic works of art. Casttoo’s cast are crafted from an adhesive film that fuses with the plaster cast in seconds when blasted with a hot hairdryer. Many designs are made available based on themes ranging from fantastical creatures, flower, animals, and etc. 

Skin art, skin tattoo or skin id is something that is already common but cast art is definitely something quite recent. Maybe this is something you can venture into?

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