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For those who does not know who Mark Zuckerberg is, he is basically the founder of Facebook who has make millions from his online social networking websites. There’s no denying that online business has huge potential. Well, I would like to share you another concept that you can consider doing.

Introducing Olapic a startup that allows users to gather, share and print guests’ pictures on a wedding day. It is common that couples hire professional wedding photographer during this special but Olapic is basically trying to encourage guest to share their photos which they took personally especially those that captured a perfect moment. A wedding photographer can only be one place at a time and may missed out on some golden opportunities.

Couples begin by creating a profile on Olapic and uploading email addresses of their guests. Olapic will then remind everyone to bring their cameras before the wedding date. Once the wedding is over, the site will stay in touch with guests via emails and cards to remind them to upload their pictures.

I personally think this could be a winner knowing for a fact that every couple wants to remember as much as they can and also to see what they missed out from the eyes and cameras of their friends and relatives. So… wait no more. Start you website community portal and get the best seo software to start marketing your website.

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