Funeral Photography

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It is no surprise to find many photographers out there competing for jobs in this small market. However, for those who has already carved a name for themselves, they can earn a decent living by taking shots for wedded couples. However, I have not come across who only specializes in funeral photography.

However, companies such as does do quite well with the offerings they have that includes taking remembrance videos for the deceased. There are many wedding photographers that doubles up as wedding planners. Why not throw in a funeral planning service as well and you might just found yourself a niche.

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  1. Kenny Howse Says:

    I’ve agonized over this for quite some time and can see both sides of the argument, some see it as morbid or macabre

    and others see it as just another milestone in someone’s life which should be recorded for posterity. In some parts

    of the world such as Holland and Finland it is commonplace and popular and of course in others it is taboo. My

    personal view is that if the nearest and dearest to the deceased person wants the funeral recorded in images then I

    see no reason why he or she should not be able to employ a photographer to do this. Provided it is done discreetly

    and sensitively and with due care being given to people’s emotions and is seen as a ‘celebration’ of someone’s life, then why not?

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