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How many of you have cars that you don’t use everyday? I am sure there are people out there but there also lots of people who needs car once in a while and do not have one. Renting a car may be just too much of a hassle and expensive.

Then came RelayRides, a person-to-person car-sharing marketplace. The site allows people with cars to earn extra income by renting their under-utilized cars to people who don’t have cars of their own. To start of, car owners registers with RelayRides. Then the cars will be fitted with a device that allows authorized renters to access it without having to be given keys. Renters can choose to reserve the vehicle by the hour or day within the owner-set schedule.

Time to get in touch with your insurance agency to get an auto insurance quotes if you intend to experiment with this idea.

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  1. Dave Says:

    Informal carsharing, where neighbors and friends share a vehicle has been going on since horse and buggy days. More recently, some insurance agents have been willing to write personal auto policies with several unrelated people named on the policy. Even this leaves the owner of the vehicle with some additional liability concerns. RelayRides provides a special commercial policy that covers members when they’re driving, while the owner keep their personal auto policy to cover themselves and family when they drive their car.

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