Home Renovation for Old Folks

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This business idea is for all the home remodeling contractors out there. This business environment is a tough market with many contractors fighting over a limited market. Contractors who can differentiate themselves will be the victor in this fierce competition.

Most contractors out there do not have a selected niche and this can be a problem. Well… Ruby Slippers manage to come up with something called the “Ageless design”to help people enjoy living independently in their own homes for as long as possible even when they are old. Their designs takes into account smart features to cater for aging population that wants to live independently at home.

This is a fantastic idea because when people are at their 40s, they need to be thinking about their future living not when they start using lots of msm cream for their joint pains. People in their 40s are also usually at their peak of their careers and therefore have the money to spent. Something worthwhile for contractors to consider

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