Window Solar Energy Collector

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In tropical countries where sunlight is abundant, it can be both a problem and an opportunity. Why not invent something that can kill two birds with one stone – remove the negative impact of sunlight but harness the positive attributes at the same time. Well… you may think it is impossible but wait till you here about Smart Energy Glass.

Smart Glass Energy is a new innovation from Dutch Peer+ that turns windows into solar energy collectors with a customisable appearance. It does not only collects solar energy but owners can even adjust visibility level by switching between three modes: dark, bright and privacy, which scatters the light passing through. By controlling the darkness mode of the windows, harmful UV rays can be minimized. The energy that is harnessed can be used directly by home owners and the surplus can even be fed back to the grid resulting in lower energy cost. Whether you are running a business card printing or a gym, this Smart Energy Glass will benefit you.

What a great idea!

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