Sky Farms

Author: Alex  |  Category: Environmental

With the concern of food scarcity and depleting land resources for farming, innovative ideas will be needed to reform the way we are growing our crops. As for residential houses, land size has become smaller and houses are being built with more levels to have bigger built-ups. Nowadays, it is common to hear the term zero-lot bungalow. Basically, they are bungalows with very small plot of land with limited land space. With smaller land space, garden space has also shrunk. For those who loves to plant trees and even vegetables for self-consumption, this has become quite impossible.

The only solution is to make use of the house usable space e.g. flat roof. More and more architects and home owners are going for this choice. Owners can even make use of patio furniture on the roof to turn into a private haven. In fact, some high-rise buildings have also started introducing this concept. Why not start a business to offer such services?

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