Home Beer Brewing Kit

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For all beer drinkers and connoisseurs out there, this might just interest you. There is nothing better than freshly brewed beers. Those you get in restaurants and pubs are not as fresh as those which are served in microbrewery beer gardens. Baking your own cake at home is something commonly done at home but have you heard of brewing your own beer? Well… it is not that common because breweries usually take up significant amount of space. Well, a New York-based Brooklyn Brew shop came up with the idea of selling a variety of diminutive brewing kits that could easily be purchased by apartment-dwellers and others with limited quarter. The kit takes up only less than one square foot while in use. Imagine having a nice cool freshly brewed beer while sitting on your log furniture at the balcony. Wouldn’t it be a nice way to enjoy your evening?

I am sure there is a demand for such a thing. However do check first whether it is legal to do it in your own country before you purchase one.

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