Property Flipping

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With the current economic picking up and demand for properties is increasing, it is a good time for people who wants to make a quick buck by flipping properties. For those who are unfamiliar with flipping, it simply means buying a property and reselling it quickly, as opposed to holding on to a property long term as a rental.  There are two basic ways to flip property. One way is to buy with the intent to resell at a profit without ever occupying it. The other more common method is to acquire a property, remodel or renovate and sell at a profit.

For those who are new to these, in order to make money from flipping properties by means of fix and flip, there are few important things to consider. First you have to buy low. In order to do that, keep an eye for ugly looking properties. For most home buyers, what they see is a haunted house but for property flippers, they see beyond the overgrown landscaping and cracked building exteriors and focus on the potential value.  Put a few designer Kichler lighting and the haunted house is turned into a dream home.

For those who love to invest in property, this may be another source of income.

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    Do you think is good to slip the newly launch property ?

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