Fractional Ownership Business Ideas

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The concept of fractional ownership is nothing new. Fractional ownership can be defined as collective ownership of an asset.

Consider NetJets, which created the concept of fractional jet ownership. While the convenience and flexibility made sense to own your own plane, the finances didn’t. However, through co-owning, it takes away the financial issues but still offers the same benefits of owning a plane minus the headaches. NetJets also takes the responsibility of hiring pilots, hangaring the aircraft, and maintenance for a fee.

Try thinking of something you can apply the concept of fractional ownership. You may hit a jackpot.


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One Response to “Fractional Ownership Business Ideas”

  1. Sophie Garrett Says:

    I think there is a huge list of assets that can be fractionally owned – anything that is valuable and infrequently used. Property, aircraft and boats are obvious and already happening. But why are so few motorhomes shared? What about the sports car or 4×4 (SUV) that you have as a second car and only use occasionally? Why not share fine art? What about gardening equipment, DIY tools, sewing machines, gym equipment? I have so much stuff that I rarely use.

    So I created yours2share, to enable people to find like-minded partners to share just about anything. There’s guidance and template contracts to help. It just requires a bit of commonsense. Now my only issue is getting the message out that you can do this yourself, it doesn’t have to be done by middlemen.

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