Leech Therapy

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Leeches have been used to treat patients for centuries. There are approximately 600 leech species which have been identified to date but only about 15 are used in medicine.

Leech therapy has been used in European countries since 18th and 19th centuries. Today, doctors use leeches for treating abscesses, painful joints, glaucoma, myasthenia, and to heal venous diseases and thrombosis. Medical leeches are used in plastic surgery, for improving brain circulation and for curing infertility. Some even claim that this could be an alternative acne treatment.

Potentially, this could be a business opportunity for those who are interested in alternative medicine.

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11 Responses to “Leech Therapy”

  1. Mr Liang y k Says:

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  2. Winson Tan Says:

    I interested to start a leech rearing, I would like to know the price of the leech and also the setting up facility. Email your quotation me to the above email address. Thank you.

  3. MARZIYA Says:

    plz let me no if leech therapy is done in INDIA n were.

  4. we do it at Ayush Therapy Centre Gurgaon India Says:

    Ayush Therapy Centre Gurgaon is from Hindustan Unilever and we do all kinds of Ayurvedic treatments from Spondalitis to Cervical, skin problems, joints problems,etc. We have highly qualified staff and have patients coming as far as from USA to Uk. Kindly contact at 0124 4067777/ 4068888

  5. Dr.Vivekajith Says:

    we do leech therapy successfully here in our institution. there is good response for the treatment here.we also rear and use onlu non-poisonous specific leeches for therapy.

    We have specialization and specialty clinics on Ophthalmology, pediatrics, ano-rectal clinic, ortho, and psoriasis clinic.


  6. somen bardhan Says:

    pls suggest me for name of institute where this therapy is happening

  7. Puncak Sakti Says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    We would like to take this opportunity to offer you Leech directly from first hand in Indonesia.
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  8. dr.m.roudashtian Says:

    Dear sir or madam
    This is Dr.M.Roudashtian from Iran.
    I am working on leech therapy for 4 years and offering you best domestic leeches from Iran.
    should you have any question ,plse, feel free to drop a line .
    God Bless you all.
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  9. Trevor Says:

    Would you have any objections if I used the photo of leeches on a woman’s forehead for a CD cover and website?

  10. Dr.Mohan Gulhane Says:

    I m working last twenty years on leech therapy.
    i get tremendous results…

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