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Sometimes being a geek can make you feel miserable but if you can capitalize on that, you might just an end up being someone’s role model. There are many geek-entrepreneur out there that has made it big.

If you have a burning desire for gadgets, why not consider opening a gadget shop. You can operate it either as a retail or online. Take for example Gadgetshop, an online retail selling cool gadgets. You can practically get anything from cool flash drive, toys, and etc. They focus their energy in sourcing for the most innovative contraptions from all over the world.

Now that’s one smart geek.


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2 Responses to “Gadget Shop”

  1. hyperX Says:

    Yes, I’ve been thinking of it too. But the price of the gadget won’t be as low as the market and it’ll be more expensive too. I wonder what kind of people going to buy it from me.

  2. Alex Says:

    I believe if you target the right audience, plenty of people will buy it from you. Careful selection of products will be crucial here.

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