Vampire-Themed Cafe

Author: Alex  |  Category: Entertainment, Wierd

Themed cafe is not a new concept. Many has come up with great ideas such as prison-themed cafe, cave-themed cafe or even toilet-themed cafe that is actually quite a good appetite suppressant. In Japan, there is actually a vampire-themed cafe. If you are wondering whether blood is on the menu, the answer is NO. The snug rooms are piped with Baroque music and creatively decorated with crucifixes, spiders, skulls, Dracula’s coffin. and etc.  (Sounds like home to any Gothic Lolita.) Thick, beaded drapes ensure that any naughty behavior in the booths won’t make the rounds on the Internet. The waitresses dress in Gothic French maid outfits and the waiters wear tuxedos.

Rather interesting don’t you think.