Power Tools for Women

Author: Alex  |  Category: Gadgets


With rise of equality and technology, many women are beginning to penerate into the men’s market. Once seen as careers only for men are slowly diminishing e.g. contractor, technician and roof cleaner. Manufacturing companies who detect this new trend will capitalize on this opportunity.

Take for instance the power tools business. Most power tools that are available in the market caters mainly to men. However, there is one company which actually provides tools for women. The founder, Barbara first designed and launched her initial product line of high quality tools, toolkits and accessories in May, 2003. Working in the construction business taught her that most tools can be challenging for a woman to use and so she designed hery own to better fit a woman’s size and strength. Her tools weigh less and the grips fits better to a woman’s hand. Extra features are built-in to make them better suited for women such as patented spring-loaded handles on pliers and built-in thumb rests on screwdrivers.

This is one example of creative ideas that just require us to think a little harder.

Website: www.barbarak.com