Butchery Class

Author: Alex  |  Category: Food

You may heard of cooking classes but have you heard of butchery classes. Apparently there is a craze going around and there are people who actually pays for classes conducted by butchers e.g. Ryan Farr.

This butchery class are perfect for those who wants to learn how to how to produce a selection of meats ready for the oven. A team of talented of butchers will select a range of cuts for the students. Students will also have the chance to learn how to separate the different cuts from a whole chicken and then how to tackle a whole beef feather blade, where pupils learn the correct way to trim the fat from the meat and the right technique to use when cutting the perfect braising steak.

All of a sudden, the butcher in the market has become somewhat a rock star. I think I need to start something as well. Maybe a class to teach people how to squeeze their pimple as fashionable acne solution.