Extreme Games

Author: Alex  |  Category: Wierd

Ever thought of paying to experience something harrowing e.g. being kidnapped or being chased by drug dealers? Well… I am sure some crazy thrill-seekers out there will pay for such a thing. Forget about bungee jumping or sky diving, now you have an alternative that will get your blood running in no time.

Introduced by Ultime Réalité, thrill-seekers have the options of choosing services such as”Kidnapping”, “Manhunt” and “Go-Fast Adventure”.  If you choose to bee kidnapped, basically you will be taken by surprise and held for a number of hours before you are rescued. With additional fee,  Ultime Réalité can even throw in helicopter chases for paying victims.

Wow… talk about extreme games. I think I will need a blue acne light treatment after playing this game.