Home Cook Food Network

Author: Alex  |  Category: Food

Looking for an alternative to restaurants and fast food. Well… take a look at Super Marmite! Super Marmite is a social network that enables ordinary people who cooks too much food at home and sell their extra servings to customers nearby. Cooking for one or two has always been a challenge and not cost effective since most recipes are designed to generate four or more servings. Aiming to help minimize waste while earning home cooks a little extra cash, this social network give home cooks a way to be rewarded for their cooking efforts.

Cooks can list their food on the Super Marmite site, specifying their location and when the meal will be ready. The consumer pays a fee in exchange for the food. For those of you who are always cooking too much, this is one way other than throwing the leftovers into the bin. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection to start cooking right away.