Shoe Art

Author: Alex  |  Category: Lifestyle

Fashion industry is a huge business especially shoes. If you are able to carve yourself a niche, you can hit a home run just like Jimmy Choo. Ever thought of turning normal shoes into a work of art.

A Toronto-based design firm called Ndeur actually offers customized, hand-painted shoes. What Nduer does is to take vintage leather pumps and sneakers and decorates them with unique designs and patterns in oil-based paint. Founded in May 2007 by Parisian artist Mathieu Missiaen, customers can also just ask Missiaen to paint what he likes. The shoe becomes a one of kind shoe that is truly unique.

If you are good with art, why don’t you take other wearable items and hand-decorate it so that you can sell it a premium? You can tie up with companies such as Ebillme and give out shoebuy coupons to attract your customer.