Specialized Computer Parts Store

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Sometimes, it pays to be specialized in something instead of trying to be good in everything. Consider Quantum, the world’s largest supplier of tape drives.

Founded in 1980, Quantum is the leading global storage company specializing in backup, recovery and archive solutions. All of Quantum’s resources are dedicated to providing backup, recovery and archive solutions such as tape drives. Quantum offers focused expertise and customer-driven innovation to increase its competitive advantage against storage generalists such as system OEMs and primary storage providers. In addition, Quantum has the global scale and scope to support a worldwide customer base along with a comprehensive portfolio of systems, software, devices and services.

So the next time you are starting a business, make sure that you don’t end up spreading yourself too thin.

Health Monitoring Gadgets

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Good health is a very important aspect of all living things. With the advancement of technology, many new inventions are created extending the average life of a single person. Nonin Medical just released the world’s first wireless pulse oximeter that could easily interact with other devices through the emerging Bluetooth Medical Device Profile (MDP) protocol.

A pulse oximeter is a medical device that indirectly measures the oxygen saturation of a patient’s blood and changes in blood volume in the skin. It is useful in any setting where a patient’s oxygenation is unstable. It is like having a life feed of your body. Cool gadget indeed.

Container Homes

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What do you get if you combine old containers with innovation? You get “Container Homes”. With the amount of containers being left to rust after they have lost their usefulness, there are stacks and stacks of metals that can be recycled.

An innovative company manage to give these old containers a new life by turning them into groovy and practical homes. This concept can be easily adapted in most countries making it a low cost but comfortable homes. This idea is superb in my opinion because not only it is not difficult to adopt but by doing so, we are helping mother nature to clean up waste.

Pop-up Nightclubs

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A new concept for holding outdoor parties. The Kubik design is by a Berlin-based urban design agency called ModulorBeat and light artist Andreas Barthelmes. Kubik is built from stacked, reused water tanks and lighting in each cube is controlled separately, which makes for a spectacular backdrop that pulses to a DJ’s beats.

Kubik can be used for many other events not just parties. From las vegas nevada to streets in Bangsar, Kubik can be erected anywhere. Instead of bringing the crowds to the club, why not bring the club to the public? Think about it. Its cheap to make and definitely there is market potential.

Women Entrepreneur Community

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There are many entrepreneur communities out there that caters for a large audience. However, “IN GOOD COMPANY” offers opportunity mainly for women entrepreneurs. They offer members the opportunity to meet, network, and learn fellow community members.

They of business-building seminars, workshops and business bites lunches expand your expertise while delivering ideas and tools for success.Cocktail minglers and salon forums provide fun and flavorful networking opportunities. A fun way to building up your business.