Taxi for Women

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Many businesses has started providing more niche services and products. Consider Pink Ladies, a great example of how a simple and common business concept can be reinvented and create uncontested market.

Pink Ladies, which has a women only policy on drivers and passengers, operates on a members’ only basis to avoid sex discrimination laws. Female customer feels so much safer when it is a woman driver and gives greater peace of mind and safety. The company even donates 10% of its profits to breast cancer research and has been endorsed by the personal safety charity The Suzy Lamplugh Trust.

There are many business can be reinvented to cater for special groups such as moving services, home remodelling businesses, and etc.

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3 Responses to “Taxi for Women”

  1. kchan Says:

    such a great idea especially suited for nowadays worsen crime rate in our society. women deserved some protection.

  2. Safe & Secure Says:

    Now this is what I call a great move. Taxi for women would be the one I call and know I am safe while going home at night. While all women need to feel safe at least this gives them the extra protection they need. Great idea Thanks
    Safe & Secure

  3. Chris Farrugia Says:

    I am an established cheufer driven company in malta, that is celebrating its 50th aniversary. I am interested to explore new concepts in cheufer drive business and in any public tranport of the future.


    Chris Farrugia

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