Toilet Concept Restaurant

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What can I say, if you every been to T-Bowl restaurant in Queensbay Mall,  Penang, you will not need any appetite suppressant. And you know why? This concept restaurant has something got to do with lots of toilet bowls. Can you imagine yourself eating chocolate ice-cream out of a bowl that shapes like a toilet bowl? Well, apparently the restaurant is attracting lots of patrons that are looking for something more unique.

Typical restaurant chairs are replaced with actual toilet bowls. Some of the food on the menu are made in such a way that it actually looks like real human excreta. Once again, this proves that the human mind can be so creative.

Mini Size Food

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If you go to any of the famous fast food chains, you may find that most of the items on the menu are huge. They are constantly  coming up with larger portions to attract more customers. However, bigger isn’t always better.

Consider Chicago-based, “Minnies”. They feature a wide selection of bite-size gourmet burgers and sandwiches that includes favorites such as grilled cheese and Reubens, Mykonos, Cuban, Tenderloin, etc. Besides serving waistline-minded eaters something to nibble on, the fifties-style diner gives hungrier customers the mix-and-match pleasure of tapas restaurants.

Interesting concept. Might just help to reduce dependencies on diet pills.


Pasty Chef

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Culinary professionals are always in demand due to the needs of the F&B industry. If you are good, you will make good money in no time. So if you are thinking of becoming a pastry chef but has no idea how to even begin, you can consider attending a pastry making class.

Consider Ecole de Patisserie (School of Pastry). Ecole de Patisserie offers an intensive and hands-on course allowing students to master the techniques of classic patisserie.  This course aims to enable students to understand the developments of baking, food productions and techniques involved in pastry making. Students will be exposed to an array of classic and contemporary French desserts, advanced techniques in chocolate and sugarwork by EDP’s team of experienced chefs. 

Now… go fulfill your dream.


Healthy Food Delivery

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In the food and beverage industry, we have many restaurants and fast food chain offering delivery services to capture more market share. However, there is one F&B business that can do more by offering delivery services. How about offering healthy food and snacks delivery service to consumers.

With more and more people facing weight issues and sales of diet pills sky rocketing, people are looking for alternatives to combat weight issues. Healthy food delivery service could be the answer for this. Consider Uptown Juice Bar, it has been in business for more than 15 years in New York City.  This business continues to receive acclaim for its holistic approach and education of healthy vegetarian living. 

Everyday, the restaurant serve sumptuous vegetarian cuisine with soy protein, gluten’s flavored to taste like fish, chicken, duck and assortments of vegetables along with brown rice and other holistic starch dishes.  They even have vegetarian pizza, fish and turkey burgers along with veggie wraps are quick meals to go. 

What a great idea!