Solar Briefcase

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Good things do not necessarily mean coming out with an entirely new idea. Take an ordinary everyday item and add some new features and you good to go. Take for instance Voltaic systems solar bag aptly name, the “Generator”. Its predecessors, like the Solio and Freeloader are do not have enough power to power-up an essential item, which is your laptop. On the contrary, the “Generator” comes with an attached panel that can produce up to 14.7 watts, enough to recharge a laptop over the course of a day. It also comes with a built-in battery pack that is being recharged during the day and to be used later. The Generator’s fabrics are made from recycled PET soda bottles making it really a green product.

This is a fantastic idea. You can adopt this idea to other items such as briefcases and handbags.

Green Swimming Pool

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Swimming pools have been around for a long time. There many different types of swimming pool designs and swimming pool supplies. However, one kind of pool is getting rather popular, which is the lap pool. Lap pool utilizes much lesser space as is is designed to be ideal for health and fitness exercises rather than for pure recreation and leisure. Because of the compact size, lap pools can be custom designed to fit in with the look and style of your yard.

Swimming pools have always consumed a lot of water and since water has become a very important resource in some parts of the world, a new design to conserve water will be a point of attraction. How about combining Rainwater Harvesting system to capture rainwater for swimming pool usage? The Rainwater Harvesting system can incorporate filtering system to clean the water before entering the pool.

Sky Farms

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With the concern of food scarcity and depleting land resources for farming, innovative ideas will be needed to reform the way we are growing our crops. As for residential houses, land size has become smaller and houses are being built with more levels to have bigger built-ups. Nowadays, it is common to hear the term zero-lot bungalow. Basically, they are bungalows with very small plot of land with limited land space. With smaller land space, garden space has also shrunk. For those who loves to plant trees and even vegetables for self-consumption, this has become quite impossible.

The only solution is to make use of the house usable space e.g. flat roof. More and more architects and home owners are going for this choice. Owners can even make use of patio furniture on the roof to turn into a private haven. In fact, some high-rise buildings have also started introducing this concept. Why not start a business to offer such services?

Rent a Friend

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Talk about new age business ideas. I have heard of rental services for many things but this got to be the weirdest one I have heard. I came across the idea of friendship rental services on a newspaper recently. Apparently the target market is for people who are doing a lot of traveling and find it a bit to lonesome. Before I mind stray off to escort services, it is not like that. Just imagine if you traveled somewhere and you want a friendly companion to attend a social event or party with you, someone to introduce you to new people, or someone to go to movie or a restaurant with, can help. You can even hire a friend to  show you around an unfamiliar town orteach you a new skill or hobby. Before you hire anybody, you can view all of the profiles and photos on their website.

Apparently, it is a big hit in the US and Canada. I think this idea might just work.

Simple Furniture

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Sometimes, being simple is not entirely a bad idea. Take for example “The Simple Furniture Company”. It is not a typical furniture company. Not only they furnitures are all ready-to-assemble, no tools, hardware or glue are required for assembly or disassembly. Unlike many ready-to-assemble furniture that are made of particle board or melamine coated laminates, Simple Furniture products or made of real solid wood. Now that adds to durablity and resistance to water.

I think I might just start one here in Malaysia.

Pop-up Oxygen Bars

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For those who are not aware what Oxygen bar is, it is basically a place where patrons can breath in non-medical, scented oxygen. At an oxygen bar, a dosage delivers 4 to 5 times the amount of oxygen present in normal air. With one intake, customers feels more alert, refreshed, full of energy and with a general good feeling. Oxygen bars have become a popular trend at night spots, malls and even fitness centers. They can also be found at trade shows, conventions and corporate meetings, as well as at private parties and promotional events. This may even be a fun but effective treatment for depression.

Since I have shared many pop-up business concepts, why not start a pop-up oxygen bars? Could work very well in commercial as well as office areas.

Butchery Class

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You may heard of cooking classes but have you heard of butchery classes. Apparently there is a craze going around and there are people who actually pays for classes conducted by butchers e.g. Ryan Farr.

This butchery class are perfect for those who wants to learn how to how to produce a selection of meats ready for the oven. A team of talented of butchers will select a range of cuts for the students. Students will also have the chance to learn how to separate the different cuts from a whole chicken and then how to tackle a whole beef feather blade, where pupils learn the correct way to trim the fat from the meat and the right technique to use when cutting the perfect braising steak.

All of a sudden, the butcher in the market has become somewhat a rock star. I think I need to start something as well. Maybe a class to teach people how to squeeze their pimple as fashionable acne solution.


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Few months back, I blogged about a business idea based on a gym in a bus. This got me thinking whether we could some other businesses on a bus? Quick google landed me on a website that shared about a bus that has a restaurant setup in it.

The BUStaurant is a mobile restaurant in a double decker bus that is equipped with a full kitchen on the bottom level and an upstairs deck that can seat about 16. This is a fantastic idea for the tourism industry just like the Malaysian hop-on/off bus that tours the city area. Diners can have a great view of the city and have a great meal at the same time. In my opinion this idea can sell big time. Work with the bus company and also with the best web directories to start your marketing campaign. Any takers out there?

Meal Measure

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As some experts say, you are what you eat and this could not be more true. I have an equation for you. Input + Process = Output. In this case, output is your weight. Input is what you eat. Process is the amount of calories you burn either naturally or through exercises.

The focus of this topic is on Input. This is not new but there are gadgets out there that can help the motivated dieter keep track of their caloric intake to help users lose weight quickly. Take for example Meal Measure. It is a gadget that is used to measure standard portion sizes directly onto your own dinner plate. The gadget contains three enclosed rings with the right size to measure the right amount of  protein, grains and starchy vegetables and non-starchy vegetables to get a well-balanced meal.

Gadget That Pushes You To Exercise

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Forget about slimming pills. Choose a safer way to loose weight, which is to exercise. However, not many people has the discipline to exercise on a routine basis especially if you have very low willpower. What if there is a way to motivate or coax you to exercise? Wouldn’t that be great.

Well, Gruve a wearable fitness devices that measure the physical activity of users throughout their day and provides a real-time feedback to the users. An indicator on the device changes colour according to how much energy the wearer burned over the course of a day. It vibrates if the user has been inactive for too long reminding the users to start moving to lose some calories.

I see great potential in this device.