Husband-Hunting Bra

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With more and more females joining the work force, the average bride continues to increase. People who seeks match-making services are on the rise. Single people are becoming quite desperate in seeking out new ways to get hitched.

What if there is a bra that could help a single female find their partners. Recently launch by Triumph, an international lingerie firm, the “husband-hunting” bra  features a self-set counter which the wearer can set a target time or deadline until marriage and the countdown clock will start. Once the wearer finds a life partner and gets engaged, they will insert the engagement ring into the slot and the clock stop.

If this does not help you to get a husband, I am not sure what else could.


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It was a while ago I blogged about Smash Shack where customers can actually pay to break things up. Well, that’s another place where you can do so and its called Smash-N-Shatter.

Smash-N-Shatter offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity for customers to throw plates, glass and other breakables in a ‘shatter room’ or hit a baseball bat against a wall in the ‘smash room.’ The idea was conceptualized by former software engineer, Paul Brown. 

With so many people facing layoffs and financial challenges, people are looking for ways distress and what is a better way than to provide a safe environment for people do so.

You can come up with many variations for this idea. You can even partner up with junkyards where you can offer people to beat up other people’s unwanted cars. You don’t have to worry about your own car insurance

Cow Racing

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You have heard of horse racing and just not too long ago, I blogged about Ostrich racing. How about Cow racing?

This is great example of what people will do for entertainment. I bet that the first thing that came to mind is that cows are not built to move fast. However, this did not stop Pete Ondrus from coming up with the idea of Cow racing. Together with his wife, Barb Lambert of North Shade Township. Pete and Barb founded the Mid-Michigan Cow Racing Association (MMCRA).

I am sure this is not the world’s best business idea but it certainly is a fun one. Time to get your cattle supplies.

Edible Bugs

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For those who have been to Thailand and visit some of their markets, you may have encountered some rather strange food that to some is considered too barbaric or even crazy. However, if you dare yourself to try it, it does not taste all that bad.

Well…crazy as it may seem, one company has even gone to the extend of making candies out of them. Introducing Hotlix Insect Candies. Their product ranges from Ant Candy, Scorpion Candy, Worm Candy, Chocolate Insect, etc.

Word of advise. Get yourself a long term life insurance first. You might just not make it alive after eating these candies. Just kidding…

Toilet Concept Restaurant

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What can I say, if you every been to T-Bowl restaurant in Queensbay Mall,  Penang, you will not need any appetite suppressant. And you know why? This concept restaurant has something got to do with lots of toilet bowls. Can you imagine yourself eating chocolate ice-cream out of a bowl that shapes like a toilet bowl? Well, apparently the restaurant is attracting lots of patrons that are looking for something more unique.

Typical restaurant chairs are replaced with actual toilet bowls. Some of the food on the menu are made in such a way that it actually looks like real human excreta. Once again, this proves that the human mind can be so creative.

Carpet Skating

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With global recessions hitting every part of the world, more and more companies will wind up leaving buildings and offices vacant. Meaning, there will be many landlords and owners out there dying for tenants. What else can we do besides using as offices?

How about Carpet Skating? You could probably make your own carpet skates but there are carpet skates sold online that doesn’t really cost too much. Take for example FunSlides. They can be strapped on in seconds right over your shoes and will have you blazing through the cubicles faster than a speeding manager. I can imagine how handy these carpet skates can be. However make sure you get some insurance quotes before you start carpet skating.

Super Swing Extreme Sport

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If you think a swing is child’s play, think again. What if the swing is installed 1,100ft above ground?

In Harbin City, China, a 700 foot swing aptly named, “Game for brave people” has been installed on a radio tower.  Swingers start at the peak of the tower, which is 1,100 feet off the ground so imagine the adrenaline rush when you start swinging.

Maybe we can replicate the same thing here in Petronas Twin Towers or the KL Towers. That will add flavour to the local extreme sports scene.

Pillow Fighting Sport

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Remember those days when you were young, some of you maybe familiar with pillow fights. Who could have imagined that the day will come where pillow fighting becomes an official sport.

In Toronto, women from all over Canada participate in this event, creating alter-egos and combine forces to fight until one of them becomes an ultimate pillow fighter. The fighters play characters  just like in wrestling. The fighters all have their profiles on display online at

Maybe this is something that one of you may re-create here. You might even have wholesale pillows in one corner to make some extra money.

Hawaii Obama Tour

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With Obama’s historic win, some entrepreneurs are cashing in quickly. Consider The organization has been serving the visitor industry since 1992. “Guides of Oahu” provides a unique twist on the standard Island tour as you traverse the leeward coast in the shadow of Diamond Head and the Ko’olau Mountains, tracing the footsteps of the local boy who became President.


The tour explores Barack Obama’s roots to find out who and what influenced his values, viewpoints, passions and policies. You get to see where Obama used to hang out, play basketball, see movies, where he went to school, and where he got his first job. His 2 1/2-hour tour costs $40, so depending the number of tourists he has, he earns quite a decent income.


Maybe you can start something similar with your local figure heads. Just food for thoughts…

Abusive Office Rubber Stamps

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Who says rubber stamps have to be boring. Sometimes, you are just so tired of lame memos, annoying colleagues and troublesome customers or suppliers up to a point where you want to send a strong message across.

Now you have an alternative way to release out your anger instead of screaming on top of your lungs. Introducing  abusive office rubber stamps, custom rubber stamp made by The next time your pompous boss or pesky co-worker drops a memo on your desk, stamp it with one of our abusive stamps. A great way to spice up office politics.