Virtual Weight Loss

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Obesity is a growing concern that must be addressed quickly before it becomes epidemic. Pharmaceutical companies are quick to react to this situation by coming up with wonder drugs. A quick survey on alli review will share with you what are the benefits and risks of such drugs. Now, weight losing program has gone one step further by going into the realm of online gaming.

Introducing the Weight Watchers, a program that is designed precisely like a role-playing dungeon crawler. When users first log in to Weight Watchers, it determines how much food you’ll be allowed to eat that day, expressed as a number of “points.” Each time the user eats a piece of food, he or she enters it into the online database, and it calculates how many points they have used. The idea is to encourage users to eat according to how their characters consume food online. In no time, they will start losing weight quickly. Genius!

Designer Face Mask

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Swine flu or AH1N1 virus continues to spread claiming more claiming more lives. The urgent need for face mask has created a shortage in the market thus increasing the price. Malaysian government has decided to step in making it a controlled item.

The current face mask that is being used are the typical blue surgical-style face mask. Therefore, it is not a surprise that top designers are offering high fashion alternatives to the common face mask. For example, Louis Vuitton is offering facemasks with his trademark print.  The masks are made of Italian leather, Egyptian cotton, and the finest Kentucky charcoal.

In Japan, designer face mask is already very popular. So for all fashion enthusiast out there, maybe this is an opportunity for you to make some money. An added value is that for those with acne problems, you can use the face mask to cover up your problems instead of using Pronexin.

Virtual Suggestion Box

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Getting employees feedback and suggestions is no easy task. Companies have been trying to get their people to contribute ideas to the company as most employees have great ideas but do not necessarily has the channel to do so.

The come along Idea Exchange, an idea management software. On Idea Exchange, participants can easily publish ideas, read the ideas and buy shares in them. Idea Exchange engages employees in your company’s innovation in a fun and relevant way. Participants can publish their ideas online. However the uniqueness is that the software lets users support other’s ideas by purchasing shares in them making them more popular such as blue chip stocks.

Doesn’t matter what services your companies offer e.g. building material, life insurance quote, or online retail, this software might come in handy for you to get constructive feedback from employees and even customers.

Song Auction

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Online auctions is nothing new. Some sites even offer free online auctions which means there are no fees involve. However, have you heard of auctions sites where consumers get to buy the rights of a song? Imagine how cool it would be to own the rights to a song of your favorite artist e.g. Michael Jackson.

Introducing SongVest, a new age auction site. Aiming to connect songwriters and fans in a new way, SongVest has developed a platform for live and online auctions of songwriters’ rights that lets consumers buy as much as 100 percent of the rights to a given song, that includes the associated royalty streams. As owners of the songwriters’ rights, buyers are entitled to earn royalties on their songs.

A new kind of investment indeed.

Senior Store

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The number of senior citizens around the world is undeniably huge. Just the sheer size of the market will give your the economies of scale to help propel you to “Richie Rich” land in no time if you are able to offer something that is truly unique. Many companies out there are aware of this opportunity and little wonder why companies are creating new business ideas to target this group.

Take for instance HOJO. It is a brand-new health and wellness store that has set its focus squarely on seniors. The store offers a holistic variety of about 400 lifestyle products dedicated to keeping senior citizens happy, healthy and independent for as long as possible. HOJO groups its products into categories including wellness and health, daily living, leisure and comfort, communication and security, etc.

Imagine the limitless products and services that you can offer to the senior citizens including supplying HGH supplements and nursing services. There is more than one way to generate money.

Swine Flu T-Shirts

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With the current swine flu epidemic happening, many opportunist and entrepreneurs out there are actually looking at ways to make money. One person’s problem become another person’s opportunity.

Consider an online t-shirt retailer. The company recently launched a website called

A great way to catch attention and earn quick money at a rather low cost.

Online Baby Shop

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Another online business you can consider during downturn- selling baby merchandises. When comes to babies, all loving parents would want to provide the best for their offspring. With this in mind, even during times are bad, most parents if not all would sacrifice themselves to still provide for their babies.

Consider, they are a Malaysian-based baby & children online store that offers the convenience & comfort of online shopping. They offer a wide range of internationally recognized baby & children products that includes car seats, clothes, Bob stroller, breast pumps, baby mattress, etc.

By offering online services, busy moms can shop from the comfort of their own home and get the merchandise delivered to them. Looks to me like a winning business idea.

Online Part Time Jobs Search

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With all the retrenchments taking place, many people are left jobless. Most are frantically searching jobs everywhere  and employers are more keen to look for part time contract staff to avoid having to incur fixed cost. Therefore, it has never been a better time for recruitment service agencies to focus on finding part time jobs.

Consider  This Malaysian based company offers an efficient and cost effective part time recruitment medium to help establish contacts between job seekers and employers . Employers register their account with and they will get to manage their part timer database effectively through the system. Employers could interact directly with part time job seekers by using the features and application in the system.

A great way to overcome certain difficulties during this troubled times and make job searching easier.

Energy Tracker

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If you can’t measure how much you weigh, it would be difficult to manage your weight and control your food intake.  If you can’t measure your energy consumption effectively, it would be very difficult for you to know where you should reduce your energy consumption. So the old adage “You can’t manage what you can’t measure” holds true here.

When Internet giant Google announced that a new free web application called PowerMeter will be launched to provide users to track exactly how their homes are consuming energy, there is a new hope that we will be more energy efficient and reduce energy wastages.

Most people don’t know how much electricity their appliances use, where in the house they are wasting electricity, or how much the bill might go up during different seasons. The software, still in the prototype stage, can tell users, for example, which appliances in their homes are using the most energy. Using this information, consumers can make intelligent choices about how and where to cut their energy use and electric bills.

Great idea. Now where do I get my hands on those smart meters. Maybe there is a sale some where.

Funky Artificial Trees

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Artificial trees do not have to be boring and dull looking. They can be made to look cool, funky and even fashionable to suit whatever interior designs you have.

Consider Treetopia™ where innovative artificial trees are being born. Their funky Christmas trees comes in different designs ranging from “Tuxedo Black”, “Pretty in Pink”, “Winter White”, “Bedford Falls”, and “Balsam Spruce”. Imagine all other types of trees besides Christmas trees that this idea can be adopted. You might even consider creating your very own artificial flowering trees. Great way to decorate your homes without the hassle of caring for it.