Baby Fever Detector

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When I thought nothing can wow me anymore, here comes a company with a very innovative product. For parents with newborns, pediatric fevers is a great concern as it may bring further complications if the fever is not arrested quickly. Aiming to make such fevers more obvious sooner, UK-based Babyglow came up with an infant sleep suit that changes colour as the baby’s temperature rises.

When the temperature of the wearer’s body rises above the normal body temperature of 37 degrees C, the suit changes colour to trigger parents to immediately address the issue enabling parents to act faster to prevent overheating. The suit doe not require any form of power supply so whether you leave in destin condos in the jungle, it is still very useful.

A great idea indeed.

Dog Tracker

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For dog lovers our there, now you can use GPS technology to ensure that you can track down your dogs easily. Precious prized dogs are usually prime targets for “dognappers”. If there is a way to easily tracked down your dog just like how some GPS system that helps to prevent car thefts, wouldn’t you go for it?

Introducing SpotLight, a new solution that uses GPS to help pet owners keep tabs on their little wanderers wherever they go. The SpotLight GPS Pet Locator also provides 24/7 animal-recovery service to assist owners to recover their pets.  Any time a dog ventures outside the programmed areas, an alert is sent to the owner via text message and/or email. It comes complete with a “rescue” button on the device to trigger the owner.

Come to think of it, parents can even put this collar on their child’s neck especially those who avoids the exam table.

Folding Bikes

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To all cycling lovers out there, ever wished that there was a bike that is easily transported or carried around when you can’t actually cycle. Well, let me introduce you to Eco 7 Folding Bike, a revolutionary concept design by Victor Aleman in Mexico. The Eco 7 is designed to be taken on planes and other transportation where space is a significant problem.

The bike is designed in such a way that every part of the bike is collapsible, including the main frame, the handle bars, crank, brakes, wheels and chain. You must be wondering how the wheels can be folded. Well, they are actually made from a total of 6 modules where the spokes fold into the rim of the wheel. Once you have reached your destination, users can easily unfold their bikes.

I wonder when bikes can be folded into the size of shrink tube terminals or capsules just like in the movie “Dragon Ball”.

Holy Water Dispenser

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Now, even the church has gone high-tech when comes to holy water. 

Due to the fear of contracting swine flu, an Italian inventor has come up with an electronic holy water dispenser as a way to keep church traditions alive for the faithful without the fear of contracting swine flu.

The terracotta dispenser operates like an in public washrooms. All the churchgoer needs to do is to wave his or her hand under a sensor and the machine spurts out holy water. Come to think of it, this dispenser can be use anywhere, even in hotels in myrtle beach.

Bottle Recycling Machine

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Recycling is becoming more fashionable as people are taking the recycling business more seriously. The amount of household items that are discarded into the bins which can be easily recycled is enormous. Imagine if these items can be salvaged, how much raw materials can we reduced.

An Australian company called BottleCycler helps recycle disposable glass bottles. Their bottle crushing machine can be placed inside a typical kitchen area. Bottles are fed into the BottleCycler through an opening in the top of the device. The machine then quietly slices the glass into recyclable pieces. The glass is transferred into a regular 60L wheelie bin, which is picked up and emptied by BottleCycler, and brought to regional glass recycling plants for processing into material for new bottles or maybe even use for manufacturing glass tiles.

Time to get one for your household.

Virtual Dietician

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With hand phone technologies continuously progressing more things are moving into the virtual mobile world. A new mobile application for all BlackBerry smartphone has been invented to provide 24/7 weight loss coaching.

The program aptly named Weight Loss Sensei, is a new diet  mobile application program works to educate and train users on how to embrace healthy living through an active lifestyle and responsible diet.” This “Virtual Dietician” provides personalized food recommendations as well as a list of favorite restaurants’ healthiest meal choices. All the users need to do is to type in a restaurant’s name and your Weight Loss Sensei comes upwith a recommendation.

That spells the end of the traditional dietitian and total dependency on diet pills.

Environmentally Friendly TV

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Old LCD tvs are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Just like plasma tv, which used to be a hot item is actually slowly phasing out due to high energy consumption. In Europe, plasma tv is actually banned forcing prices to plummet in remaining countries.

n a recent IFA show, Samsung used 40″ LCD TV with high powered LED Backlight technology. The new technology has already received the prestigious “Innovation Award” from the EISA (European Image and Sound Association) for its superb features. 

With LED light source, colour reproduction is far richer. LED light source also helps to increase the panel life two fold compared to previous CCFL panels. This light source is also environmentally friendly because it uses no Mercury.

Virtual Graffiti

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For those who have been to a public toilet or taken a ride on a lift, it is inevitable that you will see graffiti on the walls. This graffiti can be rather annoying and a sore eye but good use of it can be a great advertising tool.

However, this street art is experiencing a change. Introducing YrWall, an interactive virtual graffiti wall. It is basically graffiti with a can that contains no paint, only a button and IR light source which is tracked using a computer vision system. A pop-out interface is provided which enables the user to work with digital paint to create their own digital graffiti art. No more swapping paint cans to change colour or having to wear a face mask and gloves, this is totally environmentally friendly and accessible by anyone without any prior computer or graffiti skills.

Whether you are selling furniture or life insurance, YrWall can be quite an eye catcher.

Husband-Hunting Bra

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With more and more females joining the work force, the average bride continues to increase. People who seeks match-making services are on the rise. Single people are becoming quite desperate in seeking out new ways to get hitched.

What if there is a bra that could help a single female find their partners. Recently launch by Triumph, an international lingerie firm, the “husband-hunting” bra  features a self-set counter which the wearer can set a target time or deadline until marriage and the countdown clock will start. Once the wearer finds a life partner and gets engaged, they will insert the engagement ring into the slot and the clock stop.

If this does not help you to get a husband, I am not sure what else could.

Robot Housekeeper

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When comes to home robots, market acceptance has been slow mainly because their weight and size tend to make them impractical and their clusters of sophisticated motors drive the cost out of reach.  However, a Japanese company has recently launched Nuvo, a home robot that is only 15 inches tall and contains 15 motors.

Nuvo has been marketed as a household helpmate. It can relay photographs to cellphones that have access to the Internet making it a perfect baby monitor and security device. This device priced at USD 7000 is actually quite affordable compare to its predecessors.

It will not be long before someone brings it to your local market so why not be the first?