Underground Hotel

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With land become more scarce especially in urbanized area, building new building on land seems to become tougher without demolishing old building. Countries such as Singapore has spend huge amount of money reclaiming land. The question is do we have an alternative. I believe I have stumbled upon a revolutionary idea. What if we can build home or even hotels underground.

Apparent in London, a subterranean London hotel is going to put all 200 guest rooms beneath the surface of a former golf course. Designed by ReardonSmith Architects, the aims is to preserve the appeal of its Green Belt location while at the same time offering a full range of luxury spa, hotel, and golf accommodations.

Some of you may not like this idea as a holiday retreat. Well… you can always consider orlando vacations.

Home Sharing

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For those who loves traveling and holidaying, the cost of accommodations can really burn hole in your pocket. Wouldn’t it be great if there are some cheaper options available to you.

Well, a company called Second Porch came up with an interesting idea to capitalize on Facebook users to list and rent vacation homes through the popular social network. Through Second Porch, Facebook members can list vacation properties for rent or trade . Users can control whether their ad is visible to everyone on the network, or just their friends. Listing a home is free, and those looking for a place can search by map, location, amenities, price or relationship. Not only are they able to see the “face behind the place,” as Second Porch puts it, but they can also view detailed descriptions and photos along with comments from past guests.

So anybody has a home to trade in Florida. Thinking of florida vacations right now.

Biggest Loser

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Why not lose weight and get famous at the same time? For those who have not heard of a TV program called “The Biggest Loser”, you may need to start to watch more TV. Basically the program is an American reality television show is about who can lose the most weight given the limited time.

Contestants are grouped into teams and each team is assigned a personal trainer. The trainers are responsible for designing and teaching to the contestants comprehensive workout plans and nutrition plans. The contestants, may decide how discipline they want to be when following the plans. The season starts with a weigh-in to determine the contestants’ starting weights. Each week culminates in another weigh-in to determine which team has lost the most weight for that week, in percentage of total weight lost. The team that has lost the lower percentage during that week must vote off one member of the team.

And obviously cheating by means of using weight loss pills are strictly not allowed.

Pre-Fabricated Wine Cellars

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For all wine lovers out there, if you think owning your own private wine cellars are too expensive, well…think again. A UK company has devised a precast storage system for your wine bottles that can be installed in virtually any room of any house.

Introducing Spiral Cellars. This storage systems are designed to be watertight storage spaces that can be sunk into the ground in an existing ground floor room or incorporated into the build of an extension or new property. Due to its unique design, it doesn’t take up very much space. I have yet to see anyone selling it here in this region yet. So why not take opportunity to start a show room, put in a POS systems and start making big bucks?

Artistic Aircond

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Home renovation and interior decorations is something that most household owners will do. Either a new coat of paint, a new set of wardrobes or timber flooring will certainly make a room feel different and better. However, often there is one home appliance that usually stick out like a sore thumb after you have done a lot to beautify a home. It is none other that our lovely air conditioning system.

 Most air conditioning system comes in horrifying design that doesn’t really go well with the colour of the wall, or with your decorations. With this problems comes a business opportunity and LG, a Korean company capitalized on this situation. Each LG air conditioner has been designed with the latest technologies to ensure optimum comfort. Advancements in inverter technology mean our air conditioners are becoming more efficient and our unique Neo Plasma filtering system means the air you breathe is fresher. They realize that air conditioners are not just about technology. The air conditioner is a fixture in the home and its appearance is just as important as a piece of furniture. Hence, they came up with ARTCOOL.

Do check it out if you are looking for nice looking air conditioning systems and always remember to clean your AC filters.

Virtual Weight Loss

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Obesity is a growing concern that must be addressed quickly before it becomes epidemic. Pharmaceutical companies are quick to react to this situation by coming up with wonder drugs. A quick survey on alli review will share with you what are the benefits and risks of such drugs. Now, weight losing program has gone one step further by going into the realm of online gaming.

Introducing the Weight Watchers, a program that is designed precisely like a role-playing dungeon crawler. When users first log in to Weight Watchers, it determines how much food you’ll be allowed to eat that day, expressed as a number of “points.” Each time the user eats a piece of food, he or she enters it into the online database, and it calculates how many points they have used. The idea is to encourage users to eat according to how their characters consume food online. In no time, they will start losing weight quickly. Genius!

Shake Weight

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What a way to work out. Just hold a piece of vibrating metal and you start losing weight.

Gyrotonic Exercise

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The search for the the best fat burner solution is never ending, which means to say that this is a very lucrative market. There are plenty of exercise routines and equipments already in the market but with a little creativity and determination, there are still room to grow.

Introducing a new exercise system called the GYROTONIC®. This methodology is an exercise system employ movements found in swimming, yoga, gymnastics, and tai chi, using specialized equipment developed by Horvath. The system is intended to improve flexibility and balance as well as muscle strength, and to increase overall flexibility, stability and mobility in joints.

I am not sure whether this machine is already available here but if it is not, maybe you can be the first.


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To really motivate people to exercise, the best way is to remove boring routines and replace it with boredom-busting creative group classes. When comes to fun exercises, Crunch Fitness is certainly a leader in the industry. Their goal is to blend exercise with entertainment and attitude.

Crunch Fitness changes their schedule quarterly, and have hundreds of classes in the rotation. They have three main categories of classes: dance, chill out and action sports. Their classes ranges from Pole Dancing to Kickboxing ballet. They even have workout routines that incorporate Hollywood stunts.

This is sure way to get people to lose weight without using too much of ephedra supplement.

Cooler Bed

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For countries that have tropical climates, large of amount of energy is being used for air conditioning. Most city dwellers can not live without air conditioning. With El Nino hitting some countries, without a doubt, sales of air conditioning and electricity bills will shoot up.

Aiming to provide a more sustainable alternative, an innovative company recent launched “Evening Bed”, a canopy bed with built-in air conditioner that uses only a fraction of the energy normally used (400 watts on an average). Air is filtered and cooled to a set temperature and humidity level and then gently directed over the sleeper via an upholstered canopy ceiling.

So say goodbye to Vegas vacations to escape the tropical heat wave and say hello to “Evening Breeze”.