Renovation for Senior Citizens

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For those who has an interest in construction and renovation business, the business can be quite exciting and rewarding. This is because renovation work can be very stressful for household owners especially if they are doing it on their own. Its a sure way to lose some inches of your waist. You won’t be needing any products from

However, the market can be quite competitive unless you can create a niche for yourself. Ruby Slippers, a U-based renovation company came up with the concept of Ageless design™ to help people enjoy living independently in their own homes for as long as possible. It takes account of ageing in an invisible way, incorporating simple, smart design features into the home to create a beautiful and stylish home environment that reflects the way we live today but ensures we have a safe and comfortable home for years to come.

This is actually a fantastic idea.

Female Car Accessories

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For all cars enthusiasts out there, car modifications is part of growing up. Especially for all the guys out there, I am pretty sure that most of you out there has done some changes to your car either major or minor modifications.

Well most car accessory providers target male customers. In my opinion, there are potential is the female market segment. Consider Me-mo,they have fantastic car accessories for ladies, ranging from seat covers, steering wheel covers, gear knobs decorated with Swarovski crystals, and etc. Come to think of it, you can start any type of car specialty shops as long as you know what market you are targeting. It could very well be a specialty shop that sells truck accessories and customized items.

Dream Jobs

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Well… are you sick of your jobs? Don’t know what to do after you graduated? Still at a cross road deciding which career direction to choose? Why not take up something called “Vocation Vacation”?

Vocation Vacations’ founder Brian Kurth realized that many people out there are doing things that they don’t enjoy so he came up with the idea of making it possible for others to test the waters without having to quit their jobs. Customers use the ‘Dream Job Finder’ to pick a job they did like to try out. They’re matched with a mentor in the field, depending on their location and schedule. ‘They can choose to become apprentices to expert in a variety of industries such as fashion, construction, photographers, etc.

Whether the plan is to jump-start a new career, pursue your passions or just enjoy a new adventure, the point is to let participants experience the reality of their dream job. You might just end up in a place where you always dreamed off. For me is working in a cancun hotel as a life guard.

Virtual Suggestion Box

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Getting employees feedback and suggestions is no easy task. Companies have been trying to get their people to contribute ideas to the company as most employees have great ideas but do not necessarily has the channel to do so.

The come along Idea Exchange, an idea management software. On Idea Exchange, participants can easily publish ideas, read the ideas and buy shares in them. Idea Exchange engages employees in your company’s innovation in a fun and relevant way. Participants can publish their ideas online. However the uniqueness is that the software lets users support other’s ideas by purchasing shares in them making them more popular such as blue chip stocks.

Doesn’t matter what services your companies offer e.g. building material, life insurance quote, or online retail, this software might come in handy for you to get constructive feedback from employees and even customers.

Green Movers

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How about offering eco-friendly moving service. Traditional movers used cardboard moving boxes but FROGBOX,  an Canadian based company offers a low environmental impact alternative. Statistics has shown that cardboard and paper waste make up a high percentage of landfill material.  Instead of using cardboard, FROGBOX uses reusable plastic moving containers.

Frogboxes are green, industrial-strength plastic containers that are available in standard and wardrobe sizes. Consumers simply order the boxes they need, and Frogbox drops them off at their home using its biodiesel delivery truck. The company picks the boxes up once the moving is all done.

This is a simple but yet powerful marketing message that might just give you the extra edge. By engaging call center services providers, you can help to service your customers even better.

Pop-up Spa

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The mobile business concept is really catching on fast. This is due to many reasons but primarily driven by its cost effectiveness (rental is getting more expensive) and market reach (ability to cover more places with less money).

So it is not surprising that a mobile spa will be introduced to the market too. Canadian Clean Earth Design came up with The Spa Suite which is an eco-friendly, transportable spa facility that’s designed to refresh body, beauty and mind. They offer a  variety of packages including massages, manicures, facials and relaxation treatments.

Imagine this, this temporary spa can be transported to anywhere e.g. parties, events and entertainment venues. This is a relatively easy set-up especially for those who are already running a spa center. Best part of all, you do not need a medical assisting certification to open up one.

New Age Salon

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In times of economic crisis, businesses have to be smart in re-inventing themselves either for survival or to capture more market share which has significant shrunk due to everyone tightening their budget. A salon in Massachusetts has set the bar higher by launching a new service offering 15-minute video consultations.

Prior to an appointment, customers can get styling advices and options without wasting time on a journey to the salon only to find out that it is not what they want. What is more interesting is that these consultations are set up over Skype. Customers request a date and time using a form on the website.

This is such a simple but genius way to offer added value services at relatively low cost. All you need is a Sony Vaio and internet connection and you are ready to go.

Furniture for Rent

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There are many people out there such as students and expats who needs furniture but may not be looking to buy them but instead they are looking to rent. These means there are lots of opportunities out there.

Consider Evolving Vox. Set up by two students at Dartmouth College, their company rents out furniture to students, enabling them to go through college without having to make large purchases for their rooms. Student do not have to worry about hauling heavy furniture and appliances around. Everything is dropped off and picked up.

Evolving Vox offers everything from electrical goods, furniture, outdoor furniture covers, and etc. all at affordable prices. For students out there. Maybe this is a business you can get yourself into while getting yourself a degree.

Eco Maids

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Household helpers are not new to us. Dozens if not hundreds of companies are offering maid services either for short and long term. In this kind of competitive environment, how does one company get themselves out from the deadly red ocean into calm blue ocean. The only way is to differentiate yourself from your competitors and make them irrelevant.

Consider EcoMaids. This company offers environmentally safe green cleaning for homes or businesses. For countries such as the US where LEED standard have been adopted by many companies, LEED certified cleaning services have been a relatively new thing.

EcoMaids uses only non-toxic, chemical-free, all-natural and biodegradable products are used for cleaning without introducing harmful toxins into homes and the environment. Don’t worry, they won’t harm your XBox. Equipment and supplies are even reusable and recyclable.

I can imagine this kind of service being in demand in other parts of the world.

Senior Store

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The number of senior citizens around the world is undeniably huge. Just the sheer size of the market will give your the economies of scale to help propel you to “Richie Rich” land in no time if you are able to offer something that is truly unique. Many companies out there are aware of this opportunity and little wonder why companies are creating new business ideas to target this group.

Take for instance HOJO. It is a brand-new health and wellness store that has set its focus squarely on seniors. The store offers a holistic variety of about 400 lifestyle products dedicated to keeping senior citizens happy, healthy and independent for as long as possible. HOJO groups its products into categories including wellness and health, daily living, leisure and comfort, communication and security, etc.

Imagine the limitless products and services that you can offer to the senior citizens including supplying HGH supplements and nursing services. There is more than one way to generate money.